Off the Ground offers a variety of acts, including partner acrobatics, contact and toss juggling, stilt-walking, fire spinning and fire eating. We provide a range of entertainment options from single acts to full-length shows, as well as roving performers to add atmosphere to your event.

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Off the Ground is available for public, private and corporate events throughout New England, and beyond.

Partner Acrobatics

Day is a partner balancing piece for audiences of all ages. This act is outwardly focused and engages the audience with exciting lifts, thrilling tricks and fun, uplifting music.

Night is designed with a more sophisticated audience in mind. This elegant piece focuses on the dancers and the electricity between them. The movements are graceful and flow elegantly into beautiful lifts, creating an act that touches audiences on an emotional level.

Circus Show

Get ready for a display of acrobatics, juggling, and object manipulation that will astound you and everyone at your event! Our high energy shows are packed with laughs and danger, showcasing skills like stilt-walking, contact juggling, partner balancing and fire eating!

Perfect for indoor venues, this show can be customized to fit your needs, and runs from 10 minutes to a half an hour.

Fire Show

Looking to really make an impression? Our fire show is one thing we guarantee you'll never forget! We have developed an ethereal spectacle that is full of heart racing thrills and mesmerizing dance.

In more than ten years of professional fire performance, we've brought flaming poi, contact staves, fire eating and fire breathing to tens of thousands all across the country. Experience the raw power of a fireworks display, with the human touch of choreographed dance and an inspirational message all wrapped into one.

Roving Entertainment

Want a circus atmosphere, but not interested in a full stage show? Let us entertain your guests by walking among them!

Whether you're standing in line, eating dinner, or just waiting for the main act to start, our incredible talent is a brilliant addition of circus flair for any venue.

With a full array of circus talents including partner acrobatics, contact and toss juggling, stilt-walking, and fire eating, we can help to make your event unforgettable.