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"My personal highlight? One of the awesome acrobats busted out his clear crystal ball and did full on David-Bowie-in-Labryinth handiwork. (Is there a verb for this act??) Ummm, that happens in real life? Now I know I was not tricked by Hollywood special effects! Upon mentioning Labyrinth, he broke out into song with a few lines of "Dance, Magic, Dance". Best. Moment. Ever."

Ali A., on
February, 2011

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"Off the Ground Circus Arts' stage show was outstanding! They perfectly combined professional acrobatics with engaging audience participation. Roger and Ellen were a pleasure to work with from start to finish; I greatly appreciated how they customized both ambient entertainment and the stage show to meet the needs of the Springfield Museums."

Larissa Murray, Event Coordinator for Springfield Museums

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"Roger, excellent show! What a performance! You made such a dangerous act look so beautiful and graceful. Thank you for making such a long trip to Provincetown. Excellent job keeping everything a big surprise, the bride absolutely loved it. You made our Hawaiian luau truly authentic. You were definitely the talk of the party. Again, outstanding performance, thank you so much."

Laura Parenza
August, 2008